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Great Article Praising Seneca Wallace

Here is a link to it I was looking up pictures of him because I got a new hard drive and lost all my old ones and found this.  I can't remember back that far but they give really great points.
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Posted on: November 13, 2009 4:50 pm
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Harrison Barnes

Wow what a tradgedy.  This news conference was just a total disaster.  I don't think he meant it in a bad way but this was a horrible lack of courtesy and respect for Iowa State fans.  I don't mind the decision not that I think it is a good one but really.  I believe that 50% of Iowa State fans are now going to cheer against him.  This is made worse by the fact that almost nobody would have cheered against him if this press conference wasn't such a big deal and inviting for Iowa State fans.  I really think He went in a bad way on this one.  I think that he truly owes an apology to the cyclone fan base.  I don't mean anything big and public but a small i'm sorry for misleading you.  I really think he needs to make it up or he could have some problems with still living in Ames and such.  I think that Iowa State fans were very respectful of his choice and I applaud them for that.  I just think this whole Harrison Barnes thing has been a total disaster.

Harrison Barnes is going down the wrong path

Posted on: November 8, 2009 10:24 pm

College Officiating

This could be considered a disgrace.  The officiating of this sport has come to a all time low.  There are repeated offenses against the refs making bad calls.  They cost good teams games and also give good teams the appearence of being great.  This makes me quite sick.  It could be said that Iowa should have lost the game against Indiana and won the Northwestern game.  The thing is this is all across the board.  It is seen in the pros, college, and I have seen it in the state tournament.  Okay now I petition for a complete overhaul of the officiating of football games.  I think that there needs to be more time focused on mid drive plays and not so much on the touchdown.  I would say that there should be some sort of limit on the time of touchdown reviews because if it was close enough they usually deserve it.  I would say that first guess is usually right.  So this would cut down on the agony of watching the coaches just stand there and all the comercials.  The thing is I think that the most important plays are in the middle of the field.  If you are on third down and you pass just beyond the first down but the reciever doesn't get there because of pass interference or defensive holding that could be a huge momentum buster or builder.  Or if this is at the end of the game and there is  a minute left then you could loose the game where you could have won.  The example of this is almost every play on Iowas last drive there was pass interference that was blatently missed.  Or another example this holding and block in the back wher they could have tackled the Dowling Catholic player well before he was finally down.  I just feel they need to refocus the rules to be more about the whole game not just when involving points.  I know people will say those are judgment calls but really how can they be you either touch them or you don't.  They should if you really think it is judgment come up with specific guidlines.

Okay now to the refs themselves.  I belive that they have become way to biased as to where there are the teams that win and the teams that always loose.  I believe that a ref can't officiate a game as to where they have any relation or interest.  I know this would be difficult but this problem needs to be addressed.  I really think they have become to comortable with their jobs.  I also think that they have taken to much critisism where it is our fault for allowing them to do this.  I just say that we need to do something to make it equal.

I don't mean this to take away from anyone who I have mentioned may not have rightfully won.
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College Football Officiating 10/31/09


I have one big question. Has there been a day with worse officiating?  What is up with the officiating of college football these days?  I know that everyone talks about there being the conspiracy of the refs throwing the games as to who the conference wants to win but how realistic is this?  My question starts out with the Iowa vs Indiana football game.  There were many bad calls in this game including  one that affected the score to the disadvantage of the loosing team.  I am sorry but they need to do a complete overhaul of the review system at this game.  I believe that in the end on the one call that they called him out of bounce was correct in the end.  BUT, I saw no evidence to reverse this call.  You have no way of telling whether or not his foot dragged on the ground.  This is the result of another problem of the endzone being black.  But that is a whole other topic.  I think that the replay system needed to be reviewed and the replay official needs to face some kind of penalty.

Now onto the next game.  Oky State vs Texas.  I don't know what the exact rule is on this play but I take serious offense onto the actions of the officials.  There was about two minutes left in the 2nd quarter and Texas has the ball.  Colt McCoy threw the ball and the reciever catches it.  The Oky State players grab him and he is still fighting for yards and the Oky State player strips the ball and comes up with it.  Now, the ruling on the field is that forward progress was stopped so the play was over.  Except the whistle never blew untill he was on the ground.  Now they line up for the next play and with one second left on the play clock Oky State calls the timeout to review the play.  Okay so the replay officials won't even review this play which is an obvious fumble.  I'm sorry but this may be a flaw in the rule but they need to at least review the play.  I see no evidence that it shouldn't be Oky States ball.  So Texas now takes the ball and drives down the field for a touchdown.  Also the fact that the Oky State players immediately after this had to sit over halftime and think about it affected their play in the rest of the game.  At least in the Iowa game the play was not right before halftime.  So why was the play not at lest reviewed by the replay official.  This is one serious flaw.

Okay now for the final game.  Minnesota vs Michigan State.  I didn't watch but the last few minutes of the game but what I saw was atrociuos officitating.  There was a roughing the passer call that was missed and on the same play a pass interference that was blatently ignored.  Minnesota tied the record for most penalties in a game at 17.  They won so this really didn't affect the outcome but the part that I saw was not very physical when you bring in the fact that everyone was mad about penalties.  So I want to know why there were so many penalties called in this game.

This week combined with the last couple of weeks with contreversial calls in the SEC (particularly in favor of Bama and Florida) have resulted in some of the sadest officiating of my life.  These calls are worse then when the Iowa State basketball team got ripped off of surly beating Kansas a couple of years ago (one of the stupidest events in my life).  Now I really think the NCAA needs to look at some of these events and take action.

Check out this video its 18 sec long the last angle shows it clearly no TD so I say we will never know
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The True Top Ten

1 Iowa Hawkeyes
2 Texas Longhorns
3 Cincinnati Bearcats
4 Boise State Broncos 
5 TCU Hornfrogs
6 Utah Utes (No longer relevant computer glitch said they were undefeated)
7 Alabama Crimson Tide
8 Florida Gators
9 USC Trojans
10 LSU Tigers

This is a more realistic version than what the analysists and coaches say.  The coaches and media are so swayed by the history that they don't look at current stats.
I would like responses about what you think.  Now this is probably very unrealistic but I would say it is more than fair that the small schools get to be the top dogs for once.

The SEC and Pac 10 are so overated that I have dropped them more than they probably should.  But you have to admit they don't deserve all the hoopla of  "Champions Surviving" so they are low on my list.
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IHSAA Football playoffs

The Iowa High School football playoffs are severly screwed up.  For one thing most of the dominant teams are in the metro area.  There are a couple of others spotted around the state but they are mostly in the metro.  The way that the playoffs are set up the west side of the state plays each other while the  east side plays themselves.  All of the metro schools play on the west side of the state.  I'm sorry but isn't the point of the playoffs to see who the best team is.  So shouldn't the dominant teams be spread out through the bracket.  The way they have set it up Dowling should be the school from the west to play in the championship no questions asked.  My problem is why should teams like Urbandale, Johnston, and Ankeny loose out on playing in the championship just because there is one unstopable team in the state.  I could understand this happening if they were spread out but putting them all on one side of the bracket.  There is no way Urbandale can make it past the 3rd round because of this.  I mean why don't you make it so teams from all around the state play each other.  It really doesn't seem fair that teams that could beat teams in the west side of the state won't make it as far because of something dumb like this.  I would just like to see what others think on this topic.
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